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November 15, 2018
Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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July 30, 2018
White Hat Link Building --The Proper Way

The key to any effective SEO strategy is to marry both onsite optimization with external backlinks. Both have proven time and again to be the backbone of Google’s complex algorithm. So, ignoring one of these pieces won’t get your site too far up on page one, if at all. What exactly is white hat link […]

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July 24, 2018
How Do I Get My Business to Show up on Google Search?

Whether you are a new business or have maintained establishment for years, one characteristic all businesses have in common is the need for customers. It is a supply and demand market, and it has been for a long time.  Your company may have the supply that people are demanding, but if you don’t make people […]

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June 11, 2018
How to Properly Use Internal Links on Your Site

Internal links can add tremendous value to your blog posts and content if employed with a proper internal linking SEO strategy. First, links provide benefit to the reader, and in turn provide you with more page views. Relevant pages linked in a blog post are likely to be viewed by the readers, which leads them […]

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May 23, 2018
On Page SEO Tutorial

On page SEO is the foundation for any SEO strategy. Without strong on-site optimizations, all other efforts to rank well will be in vain. At the same time, only performing on-site optimizations and not employing other SEO strategies won’t help you reach those top spots for your target keyword either. While on page SEO is […]

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May 14, 2018
Difference Between B2B and B2C Copywriting

  When you are a part of a business, your main goal should be to sell your product. The end goal is to ultimately sell as much as possible in order to make the most profit. There are a lot of great ways to market what you are selling so that it is most effective. […]

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April 12, 2018
How to Measure the ROI from SEO Campaigns

  It is important to keep an eye on how successful your search engine optimization is to make sure you are putting your effort and money into an effective strategy. One of the most common ways of bringing your target audience and future customers to your website is SEO. This will help attract people who […]

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March 27, 2018
ROAS vs ROIS - Know the Difference

In the community of PCC, two of the most widely used terms are ROAS and ROI. Both terms are interchangeably used within this community. Clarifying the difference between the two is extremely important, especially when the goals of a client match up with the basic concepts and ideas of ROAS vs ROIS.   ROI vs […]

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March 6, 2018
Scholarship Link Building

  A lot of SEO results have to do with both the quality and the quantity of the backlinks that you use. A strong authority of your website can be built over many years. With a scholarship campaign you are able to quickly build that authority. Building links will help you appeal to your company […]

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February 19, 2018
Content Distribution Strategies for 2018

As the new year is beginning to take off, you are probably trying to expand your audience by improving your content. While your content may be important, what you don’t realize is that new content doesn’t automatically change everything. One of the most important steps when writing new content, that most people don’t realize, is […]

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