Content Distribution Strategies for 2018

February 19, 2018

As the new year is beginning to take off, you are probably trying to expand your audience by improving your content. While your content may be important, what you don’t realize is that new content doesn’t automatically change everything. One of the most important steps when writing new content, that most people don’t realize, is that also must take steps to get it out to more people. These are called content distribution strategies. Simply writing good content isn’t going to get you the audience you want. The goal for any website is to get more people to the page and place on the first page overall of a Google search for the keywords that fit your content. There are few steps you need to take to get there.


It’s important to remember that Google isn’t the only way to get traffic to your website. You can advertise your website on social media, forums, online directories, niche channels, etc. You can even pay to have your website advertised on different websites. Thinking about how you are going to distribute content is just as important as creating the content. Below are some content distribution strategies that you can use for your site.




One of the most underrated tools to use when spreading your content is Reddit. It’s as simple as making an account and finding a subreddit with users who might be interested in your content. You can link your website there and reach a bigger audience through that. Another perk with this is that it shows search engines that you are active, which will also up your rankings. One thing to check when you do this is that you are on quality content sharing sites, or it may lower your site traffic.




Some people might think that email is no longer a good way to get information out. In reality, it is still one of the best ways to spread information quickly. Your site should be collecting emails so that you can send out updates with your content. With email, it is important not to spam your users with too many updates, either daily or weekly. Also, if you don’t have a lot of emails collected, you can find a sponsor to send out your content to their own emailing lists. This is one way to advertise that might cost money. However, if you do it right, you can potentially get a lot of new traffic.




You can extend your content onto other video sharing platforms like YouTube. The best way to do this is to take your content and convert it into a video. You can add media and voice overs, so you are basically just using the content you have already written and adding media to it. You can even translate your video into other languages to reach more of your audience. Videos are a great way to broaden your reach. People who don’t like reading but might benefit from your content are a lot more likely to find it if it is in video form.




Along with videos, another way to distribute your content is to create visuals that go along with them. If you can create a picture that enhances and summarizes your content, those visuals can be distributed to different places that may not have been reachable before. Pictures that have diagrams and other visuals are more likely to show up on Google image searches near the top. As a bonus, this will increase your site traffic as well.




There are always other businesses or sites that are competing for views and coverage. Some of these sites may be able to enhance your site without competing with you. If you can find a partner site, you can get your content out to their audience, as well as connect your audience with sites that they can also benefit from. This is a good way to quickly get noticed by search engines. If you are linking up with credible sites, your rank will go up with theirs. The only thing to be cautious of here is that you don’t accidently partner with your competition and end up losing traffic to them.


While these are the most popular and successful content distribution strategies proven for this year, there are other ways to do it that may work better for your particular niche. The most important factor when applying these tactics is having an awareness of your audience and determining how you are going to reach them. Once you start reaching more people, the web will on spread from there. Soon you will have more visitors then you know what do with.

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