Scholarship Link Building

March 6, 2018


A lot of SEO results have to do with both the quality and the quantity of the backlinks that you use. A strong authority of your website can be built over many years. With a scholarship campaign you are able to quickly build that authority. Building links will help you appeal to your company in a stronger sense and will only benefit you and your business down the road. What are the steps to scholarship link building?




  • Identify Offer for Scholarship


The first step to building a scholarship is to identify which type of scholarship would fit your needs. There are many different types that can fit the needs of each business. For example, a tech company may offer a scholarship to a student with outstanding participation in tech advancement or learning. Other important pieces of information include how to enter and how much a reward is overall. Most rewards have a minimum of $200.


  • Write and Publish a Scholarship Page on Your Website


Website design and SEO companies are very helpful in this process. Some companies have lists of hundreds of publishers. With this list, companies are able to decide what companies and sites work best to fit and meet the goals of your clients. You are also given the option to approve the list of publishers that you are matched with before companies decide to put money towards your links.


  • Prepare the Campaign


Companies who specialize in strong link building are extremely helpful to the link building process. Each company has certain processes to decide which outreach targets are best, so that you are not wasting your time and money and you can move forward with developing your business. These companies have special ways of filtering through each outreach target to benefit your business, so when your links are developed you are appealing to your target audience.


  • Initial Emailing Campaign


The teams work hard to reach out to people. The initial campaign is through email. The teams work to reach out to places like colleges and high schools through email to inform them about the scholarship. This email outreach allows companies to answer any questions that people may have about the scholarship. This form of outreach allows the team to get links as well.


  • Publishing and Reporting


When it comes to publishing and reporting, the company that you are working with typically will continue to give you updates as the process moves along. This will help you stay informed as to how successful the link is. Updates often include lists of every link that is live. The goal for many scholarship link building campaigns is to secure around 50 new backlinks from separate domains.


Choosing the Right Company:


Choosing the right company is important, as they will help you fulfill your needs and help you achieve your goals. Certain companies know that it is hard to find a business that will be beneficial to you. A good company will inform you of all of their benefits and information that you need to know in order to be successful in this way. If you would like help setting up a scholarship link building campaign, contact us at PlacementSEO today.


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